Essential Airport Infrastructure

Supporting growing trans-Pacific cargo volumes

Strategically Located

In Anchorage, Alaska

Safe, Efficient, On-Time



As the fourth largest cargo airport globally, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (“ANC”) plays a critical role in global trade, providing a fuel-efficient stopover point on great circle flight routes. NorthLink Aviation holds a 55-year lease for the 120-acre South Park Campus and is developing critical airport infrastructure at the site to support growing cargo volumes at ANC.  NorthLink Aviation is a member of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

The NorthLink South Campus E-commerce and Express Cargo Terminal

NorthLink Aviation’s South Campus E-Commerce and Express Cargo Terminal will include:

  • 11 hardstands designed to allow aircraft to power-in and power-out, plus 4 push-back hardstands
  • Modern air cargo warehouse with temperature-controlled facilities
  • Dual-hydrant fueling systems at each hardstand
  • Infrastructure to recover and recycle glycol used for deicing aircraft
  • LEED-certified office space for customers and operations team

The site offers additional development potential for aviation related infrastructure and real estate to support ANC’s customers.

Impact and Benefits

NorthLink’s South Campus Cargo Terminal will enhance the competitiveness of ANC as a major global cargo hub and help ensure the airport can sustain future cargo volume growth. The Terminal’s significant capacity will ensure efficient turn-times so carriers can maximize revenue and minimize time on the ground. Additionally, cargo facilities located onsite have the potential to develop ANC as a hub for the consolidation cargo volumes. ANC benefits from the Stevens Amendment, allowing for trans-loading of cargo from US and international carriers. Lastly, the construction and operation of the Terminal is expected to create meaningful local jobs in the Anchorage area.

ESG and Stakeholders

NorthLink is committed to developing and operating a world-class facility and being responsive to stakeholders. Refueling enroute reduces the quantity of fuel consumed per ton-mile, which supports fuel-efficient cargo operations. The facility will be the first at ANC to employ an onsite glycol recovery and recycling system, reducing the environmental impact of deicing operations. NorthLink is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity and inclusion as it builds its team.